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AdamsEarth® contains several different sources of organic matter which will break down at varying times during the growing cycle, providing a longer period to aid in microbial feeding. 


AdamsEarth® is a unique combination of humic acid, biostimulants, and micro-nutrients. The humic acid will assist in chelating nutrients tied up in the soil. North American kelp improves rooting caused by auxin, cytokinin, and gibberellen hormones. The micronutrients will aid in the correction of soil deficiencies that may be caused by imbalances due to low or high pH.


Some of the Benefits from AdamsEarth® include:

 Improved rooting mass with top growth.

 Chelated nutrients tied up in soils, such as phosphates and iron.

 Increased in microbial activity.

 Increased in plant vigor and chlorophyll production.

 Improved heat and cold tolerance.


Use AdamsEarth® when one or more of the following occurs:

 Pre Stress Conditions

 Poor Rooting

 High Stress

 Insect Damage

 High Salts

 Drought Conditions 

 Traffic and Wear

 Compaction and Poor Drainage

 High Disease Pressure

 Poor Soil Structure


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