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ArborJet Equipment

Viper Hydraulic Kit

Kit Includes:
• VIPER Hydraulic Device
• Deluxe carrying case
• Air tank, shutoff, and regulator
• Drill bits—3/8” & 9/32”
• Protective glasses
• 2 (1-L) medicament bottles
• ½ L CLEAN-jet
• Graduated cylinder
• Funnel
• O-Ring replacement kit
• Carry bag
• Needle cleanout tool
• Hydraulic training manual
• Tool kit, including Allen wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers
• Arborplug setter
• Bungee cord- 12-22”
• 2 VIPER needles
• 60cc syringe
• Tip protector

Powered by compressed air utilizing the VIPER method which involves minimal drilling and an Arborplug to allow efficient product delivery. Allows the introduction of high volumes of medicaments into the tree. Works best with deciduous and ornamental trees, but is also effective on evergreens. For high production PHC programs, government contracts, and agriculture. 


Recommended For: Deciduous & ornamental trees.


Tree IV 2 - Pack Kit

1 Bucket
2 TREE I.V. bottles,
8 VIPER valve assemblies,
2 TREE I.V. manifold 4-line,
4 TREE I.V. stands,
2 VIPER needle clean-out tools,
1 Pressure pump,
1 TREE I.V. tool kit,
1 Drill bit,
1 Arborplug setter,
1 Graduated cylinder,
½ Liter of CLEAN-jet,
1 Funnel,
1 Training manual
1 Training DVD

Our most versatile injection system. For coniferous and hardwood trees. High volume, low pressure, can be used with mixable products. A perfect starter kit.


Tree IV Pro Kit

Kit includes
• 1 Bucket
• 4 Single TREE I.V.
• 16 VIPER valve assemblies
• 4 TREE I.V. manifold 4-line
• 1 TREE I.V. expansion manifold
• 4 TREE I.V. stands
• 2 VIPER needle clean-out tools
• 1 Pressure pump
• 1 QUIK-jet device w/ bottle top assembly
• 1 12 pack bungee cord 12-22"
• 1 3/8" drill bit
• 1 9/32" drill bit
• 1 Arborplug setter
• 1 Graduated cylinder & 1 Funnel
• ½ Liter of CLEAN-jet
• 1 Training manual & 1 Training DVD

Designed for high dosage applications in all tree sizes and types. All the components you need for high production, including an extra TREE I.V. and Arborjet bucket instead of a carrying case.


QuickJet Air

Kit Includes:

  • 1 QUIK-jet Air device
  • 1 Liter supply bottle
  • 1 Air tank
  • 1 Carrying bag with shoulder strap
  • 1 Arborplug setter
  • 2 Drill bits (3/8” and 9/32”)
  • 1 Needle cleanout tool
  • 1 Graduated cylinder
  • 1 Pair of safety glasses
  • 1 Funnel
  • ½ Liter of CLEAN-jet
  • 1 Training Manual
  • Low Pressure Regulator with coil
  • 2 x Viper Needles
  • Allen Wrench - 5/64”

Simply Productive. Arborjet’s new QUIK-jet Air® is the latest weapon in the war against tree insects and diseases. Its innovative design combines the simplicity of the popular QUIK-jet® and power of the VIPER Air Hydraulic systems to create a lightweight, easy-to-use injection tool that maximizes productivity and reduces labor time.

Switch it On. The QUIK-jet Air features one-thumb switch operation, precise dose measuring, and air-powered injection in a rugged aluminum body weighing less than 2 pounds. You’ll notice the difference when you make the switch and use QUIK-jet Air


PRECISE - Precise dose measuring you can see

EASY -  One-finger operation for fast injections

FAST - Injections are faster & smoother than ever

AIR-POWERED -  Quick-connect adapter hooks up to air tank for increased productivity

LIGHT WEIGHT - Durable aluminum body weighs less than 2 pounds

QuickJet Kit

Kit includes:
1 QUIK-jet device
1 Liter supply bottle
1 Protective storage bag for QUIK-jet device
1 Belt hook
1 Belt clip
1 Arborplug setter
2 Drill bits
1 Needle clean out tool
1 Graduated cylinder
1 Pair of safety glasses
1 Graduated cylinder
1 Storage bucket
1 Funnel
½ Liter of CLEAN-jet
1 Training manual & 1 Training DVD

Fast. Affordable. Effective.

The QUIK-jet® is a cost effective injection tool designed for lower dose applications. It can also be used as a diagnostic tool to assess tree health and vascular activity. The QUIK-jet kit is a good starter kit for someone just getting into trunk injection and a great complementary tool to the TREE I.V.


QUIK-jet’s speedy delivery with fast uptake trees allows the applicator to work effectively and profitably in a variety of situations. When there is ample moisture, low volume injections with the QUIK-jet are a breeze on ring porous oaks and diffuse porous maples. With high insect pest infestations on tracheid or evergreen trees, a customized reservoir system is used allowing hundreds of trees to be treated in a short period of time.

Arbor Plugs

100 Plugs / Pack

Arborplugs® provide injection ports that seal formulations inside trees. Arborplugs are the most advanced innovation in trunk injection technology to ensure precise, high volume, and highly effective applications. Arborplugs are used once, and stay inside the tree to protect the tree from infection. The tree will grow over the Arborplugs in 1-2 years.


Arborplug Advantage

  • Facilitates high volumes of formulation injected directly to the xylem tissue of the tree.

  • Tight seal and consistent pressure during injection for quicker applications.

  • High volume capacity minimizes the number of injection sites.

  • Limits wounding, inhibits infection, and provides surface for tree to grow over.


  • #4 Arborplugs 3/8'' for conifer and medium to large trees

  • #3 Arborplugs 9/32'' for small to medium deciduous trees

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