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Fungicide BASF Emerald

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10 x 0.49 lb Case

50 x 0.49 lb Case

A Better Standard For Dollar Spot Control.


Emerald fungicide works differently than anything else you’ve seen used to control dollar spot. That means Emerald can effectively control dollar spot that has developed resistance to other fungicides. When used as directed, Emerald:

  • Provides unprecedented dollar spot control in virtually every major turf species, and in every region, of the United States.

  • Controls dollar spot for up to 28 days with a single application.

  • Delivers better dollar spot control in bentgrass than other fungicides.

  • Gives superintedents a true resistance-management tool.

  • Utilizes low use rates and provides strong residual control.


Dollar Spot Has Never Seen Anything Like It.


And neither have you. Emerald is a different class of fungicide chemistry for dollar spot control. The active ingredient, boscalid, attacks pathogens that cause dollar spot in a unique and highly effective way.

Emerald inhibits a system called complex II in the mitochondria of fungal cells. By depriving the fungal cells of energy, Emerald disrupts fungal growth and development, halting disease development. Both the mode and site of action of Emerald differ from any other fungicides used to control dollar spot, which is why Emerald can effectively control pathogens that have developed resistance to other fungicides. In other words, it works.


21 oz Bottle

The Cornerstone for Disease Control, Plus Advanced Plant Health Benefits


When failure is not an option, trust Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide—the cornerstone of your healthy fungicide program. Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide is the most effective, broadest spectrum turf fungicide and provides the ultimate protection and plant health for your turf.


Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide is a new chemistry combination for control of the toughest turfgrass diseases, including brown patch, dollar spot, fairy ring, pythium root dysfunction , snow mold, and summer patch , in addition to 22 other diseases. It also increases photosynthesis, strengthens roots and improves resilience to stress.


Combining the enhanced systemic properties of Xemium® fungicide with the proven success ofInsignia® Intrinsic® brand fungicide, Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide provides turfgrass professionals with a superior cornerstone product for fungicide programs.


Intrinsic is a brand of products from BASF that provide disease control and plant health benefits.


Lexicon Intrinsic brand fungicide:

  • Combines a next generation carboxamide with enhanced systemic properties for continuous disease protection, with the proven power of Insignia Intrinsic brand fungicide

  • Delivers advanced plant health for increased photosynthesis, stronger roots and improved turf vitality, resulting in the best turfgrass playability and resilience

  • Offers long-lasting control of all major fungi classes of turfgrass diseases

  • Constitutes the cornerstone of the longest-lasting and most consistent fungicide programs on the market


11.4 oz Bottle

114 oz Bottle

For Ultimate Dollar Spot Control


Xzemplar fungicide provides ultimate control over dollar spot – curatively and preventively – on fairways, tees and greens. It combines the fast-stopping power of a contact fungicide with long-lasting preventative action.


Xzemplar fungicide from BASF was developed using the latest in carboxamide technology – Xemium®fungicide. Building on our experience with Boscalid, the active ingredient in Emerald® fungicide, BASF has created a new, broader spectrum and more active carboxamide fungicide.


By using Xzemplar fungicide as directed, turfgrass professionals will enjoy:


  • Fast, continuous protection powered by the next generation carboxamide with enhanced systemic properties

  • Curative support of disease pressure through quick-acting properties

  • Improved preventative dollar spot control thanks to the longer-lasting effects of Xzemplar fungicideversus traditional curative products

  • Control of brown patch, snow mold, and more—in addition to leading dollar spot protection

  • Easy mixability with pigments for desired turf appearance



The Very Best for Dollar Spot. Period.

Research shows Xzemplar fungicide provides consistent, long-lasting protection against dollar spot, as well as other turfgrass diseases.


  • Trial results for Xzemplar fungicide have shown excellent control against dollar spot at all rates and spray intervals (14-28 day) on greens and fairways. In a fairway dollar spot trial at Penn State University in 2013, Xzemplar fungicide on a 21-day spray interval was the top-performing treatment among 40 entries. On the final rating date, Xzemplar fungicide was the only treatment with no dollar spot present, while the untreated plots contained over 140 dollar spot lesions per plot.

  • In a curative dollar spot trial on a Crenshaw Bentgrass putting green at the Pee Dee Research and Education Center of Clemson University, Xzemplar fungicide plots contained an average of two dollar spot lesions as compared to the untreated plots that contained over 20 lesions at 14 days after the application.

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