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ENCLAVE® is a broad-spectrum fungicide, which has been university tested, and provides outstanding prevention and control of most major fungal diseases in turf and ornamentals.  This synergistic formulation provides quad action protection, enhanced performance and turf quality.  ENCLAVE'S multiple modes of activity also reduce the probability of reisistance development.


  • Synergistic Quad-Control Technology

  • For use on golf courses, and landscape ornamentals

  • Disease resistance management provides four modes of action

  • Economical with outstanding performance and great value compared to other fungicides


Mode of Action:  FRAC classes 1, 2, 3 and M


Generic Description: Flowable Fungicide


Active Ingredients:

  • 2.8% Tebuconazole

  • 28.7% Chlorothalonil

  • 9.4% Iprodione

  • 9.4% Thiophanate-Methyl





Foursome Turf Pigment is an excellent Tank Mix Partner with Enclave.


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