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GenNext Select 'C' & 'D'


GenNext Select C & D are organic plant nutrition products that naturally maximize a plant’s ability to uptake essential ingredients and grow. 


More than 40 years of research have resulted in this balanced turfgrass 

formulation, containing more than 3,000 multi-forming natural organic 

ingredients, microbiological bi-products, organic hormones, extracts, 

and enzyme complexes all delivered in a high energy humic/fulvic 

fertilizer carrier.

Benefits of feeding your turfgrass GenNext A & B Select:

• Increases turf density, health, and vitality by stimulating rapid 

development of rhizomes, stolons and roots that develop dense turfgrass

• Reduces broadleaf and grassy weeds, e.g. poa annua 

• Creates stronger cell walls that provide plant armament to fight 

adversities including: drought, high temperature, high humidity, 

floods, wear and tear, etc.

• Less irrigation needed: potential reduction of 20% from previous 

season’s needs

• Provides aggressive healing of damaged turf 

• Increases decomposition in turf of accumulated surface mat and thatch


GenNext Select 'C' is a combination of special purpose enzymes, hormones, plant, microbial and biological organics reacted with no nutrients. This assists in building the first phases of plant immunity and defense, improves health and vitality. This is designed to be used with GenNext “D”.


GenNext Select 'D' is a natural organic nutrient enzyme hormone complex derived from processed highly reactive specialized natural plant manure’s, plant extracts and plant composts. These critically essential enzymes and nutrients are readily absorbed and available immediately for use by the plants. This product does not contain any primary nutrients and is designed to be used with GenNext “C”.


When applied as a liquid, a small portion of GenNext Select is immediately absorbed through the leaves, usually resulting in a slight leaf blade greening and an overall turfgrass improvement.  This can occur within several hours after application providing the grass is alive, soil moist and environmental conditons favorable.


The long-term responses occur from root absorption that can be seen within four-to-six weeks, or after two-or-three applications.


The active GenNext Select ingredients are released continuously through the soil and continue to provide turfgrass improvement over time.


When full-rate applications are made every two weeks during the growing season, the turfgrass will continue to respond uniformly.


Derived solely from plant and plant processes, GenNext products do not have ANY potentially unsafe or undesirable characteristics.


Application Rate


Maintenance Rate:

GenNext Select 'C' at 8 oz / 1000 sq ft


GenNext Select 'D' at 8 oz / 1000 sq ft


Recovery Rate:

GenNext Select 'C' @16-32 oz / 1000 sq ft


GenNext Select 'D' @ 16-32 oz / 1000 sq ft



More Information:



GenNext C Label



GenNext D Label

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