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One and Done

Fertilizer with Acelepryn & Dimension

Shaw’s® Turf Food with SurfCote®, featuring Acelepryn® and Dimension®, offers multipurpose protection to save you time and energy. SurfCote keeps turf healthy and lush with enhanced, even nutrient uptake, while Acelepryn and Dimension eliminate grub and crabgrass pests. More versatile than pest control, more efficient than fertilizer, Shaw’s Turf Food provides a comprehensive solution like no other.  With Shaw’s Turf Food, available in three-, four- or six-month nutrient releases, you can apply early and be done for the season. Take control of your course with Shaw’s Turf Food.


Acelepryn features and benefits:


• One early application controls multiple pests. Grubs, residual cutworm, residual sod webworm, annual bluegrass weevil and billbugs


• Low impact on nontarget organisms including birds, honeybees, fish and mammals


• Classified as Reduced Risk by the U.S. EPA and by the Health Canada, Pest Management Regulatory Agency


Dimension features and benefits:


• Excellent preemergence and early- postemergence control of crabgrass


• Season-long control of other grasses and broadleaf weeds


• Non-staining


• Low odor


Get the advantage with SurfCote


SurfCote uses the latest scientific advancement in controlled-release fertilizer technology: polymer encapsulation. Each granule is encased in a durable micro-thin shell, plus a wax coating. The patented polymer coating consistently releases nitrogen. Every blade of grass gets the nutrition it needs when it needs it most.


• Improves nutrient efficiency and contributes to improved environmental stewardship • Produces significant savings in labor, time and energy


• Reduces potential loss of nutrients to air and groundwater


• Enhances nutrient uptake through gradual nutrient release


• Reduces ammonia volatilization losses





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