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Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs)

2x2.5 gal case


Containing the same active ingredient as PRIMO MAXX; T-NEX will make your course greener and reduce the number of mowings, saving labor, fuel, and time. Additionally, T-NEX is the perfect pre-stress conditioning choice for the coming season.

4 x 1 gal case

A systemic plant growth regulator that slows vegetative growth by inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis for use on turfgrass, trees and ornamentals.

2 x 2.5 gal case

Systemic, foliarly absorbed Type 2 PGR that promotes lateral growth in turf while limiting top growth and suppressing seedheads of Poa and white clover.

  • Retards growth of turf grasses

  • Use for elimination of undesirable fruit on apple, crabapple, carob, and olive trees

  • For commercial use only

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