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Sanctuary Bio-Stimulants & Fertilizer

25 lb case


3-0-20 is an all season water-soluble biostimulant nutrient product that contains nitrogen, potassium and several essential micronutrients. This all purpose product is ideal for high maintenance turfgrass. Plus, this product contains a wide range of beneficial bacteria to address today’s poor soil related problems. This product can be applied throughout the growing season for all types turfgrass problems. The product provides key nutrients and biostimulants for rooting, recovery and overall plant and soil health. Sanctuary 3-0-20 is your solution to quality turfgrass surfaces.

MicroTurf ME

2 x 2.5 gal case

Micronutrients play an essential role in overall physiological health and resilience of the turf.The Sanctuary polysaccharide blends of micronutrient address many of the basic needs for turfvigor and growth.


The Sanctuary offers a cost-effective product that meet the demands for maintaining high quality turf.Sanctuary Micro Turf ME contains blends of iron, manganese, zinc and copper for enhanced color,growth and stress tolerance. Plus, these products contain silicate to aid with cell wall thickness forenhanced stress tolerance and problem management.

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