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Introducing Velista Fungicide

Control and Versatility

Spring and fall are the perfect seasons to clean up your greens, tees, fairways, collars and the rough. Velista™ fungicide is the broadest spectrum SDHI for use on turf and controls against anthracnose, dollar spot, brown patch and more. When used in rotation with Briskway™ fungicide, Velista delivers excellent control of summer stress diseases on greens when temperatures shift from warm to hot. The active ingredient, penthiopyrad, is in the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) Group 7 (SDHI: Succinate Dehydrogenase Inhibitors). It was registered for use on turfgrass under the EPA’s reduced risk pesticide program.



Differentiating Mode of Action 

Penthiopyrad controls fungal plant diseases by blocking respiration through a mode of action different from most fungicides currently on the market. By binding to the protein succinate dehydrogenase in respiratory complex II, penthiopyrad inhibits one critical respiratory pathway. The inhibition of respiration due to energy deprivation stops the spore germination and mycelia growth necessary for infection. Penthiopyrad exhibits translaminar and xylem systemic movement on treated turf, and it is rainfast once the leaf surface has dried. Penthiopyrad can be part of a comprehensive disease management program that includes rotation and/or tank-mixing with non-Group-7 fungicides, which is essential to lessen the risk of fungicide resistance.



Velista is formulated as a water-dispersible granular (WDG). The WDG formulation allows for easy mixing and application to turf. Please read and follow all tank-mixing directions and instructions on the label.


Use Recommendations for Turfgrass Diseases

• It is recommended that Velista should be alternated with fungicides from a different FRAC mode of action group.


• Provides disease control for 14-21 days.


• For light to moderate disease situations, 0.3 oz per 1,000 sq ft can be applied alone under low disease pressure, but should be tank-mixed under moderate disease pressure.


• For higher disease situations, 0.5 oz per 1,000 sq ft can be applied alone.


• Velista should not be applied at more than 0.7 oz per 1,000 sq ft per application.


• Velista should not be applied at more than 2.2 oz per 1,000 sq ft per year or 6 pounds per acre per year


Diseases Controlled

• Brown Patch

• Dollar Spot

• Leaf Spot

• Large Patch*

• Gray Snow Mold*

• Red Thread

Rhizoctonia zeae

• Fairy Ring 2(ee)

• Rapid Blight 2(ee)

• Brown Ring Patch 2(ee)

Summer Patch 2(ee)

• Spring Dead Spot 2(ee)

• Leaf and Sheath Spot 2(ee)

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