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Hydration & Infiltration

Vivax is a combination of new surfactant technologies designed to manage water across a wide range of conditions. The infiltration surfactants in Vivax moves water through thatch and into tight soils. Vivax also contains two unique polymers, one that resists microbial breakdown and another that produces uniform volumetric water content throughout the turf grass root zone.



In field trials, conducted in conjunction with the University of California Riverside, an application of 5 ounces of Vivax, per 1,000 square feet, resulted in higher volumetric water content than the untreated check.



Vivax increased the speed of water droplet penetration (seconds) into soil cores, 1 cm below the thatch-soil interface, on fairways containing a mixture of bentgrass, annual bluegrass and perennial ryegrass. 


Features & Benefits

  • Manages water across a wide range of soils and turf types

  • Effective in programs that increase microbial populations

  • Improves soil solubility and soil hydration






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