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3D  (Triplet, Trimec)

For selective broadleaf weed control in turf grass on golf courses and sod farms. Also for use in no-crop areas such as highways and rights-of-way.


  • Powered by a 3-way combination of active ingredients: 2,4-D, mecoprop-p and dicamba for dependable broadleaf weed control

  • Ideal for both cool- and warm-season turf

  • Flexible use rates for problem control and maintenance applications; compatible for tank-mixing with most liquid fertilizers and iron


Mode of Action:  Post-emergence growth regulator (Auxin type) herbicide that moves both upward and downward to the growing points of the roots and shoots.


Generic Description: Herbicide


Active Ingredients:

  • 30.56% 2,4-D

  • 8.17% Dicamba

  • 2.77% MCPA