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SePRO Laboratory Services


The SePRO Research and Technology laboratories provide rapid, accurate and reliable analysis of aquatic plants, algae, water and sediments. SePRO's lab provides quantitative analysis to support water resource management objectives such as; herbicide performance and selectivity, algae treatment prescriptions, water quality assessment, regulatory compliance and more.


Analytical Technologies


SeSCRIPT Algae & Water Quality Prescription Services
SeSCRIPT* Analysis incorporates EPA analytical methods for quantification of water quality parameters, as well as algae species identification, enumeration and site-specific prescription services for improved control of algae and management of water quality.


Algae & Water Quality Prescription Services Collection Procedures Form (PDF)


Algae & Water Quality Prescription Services Chain of Custody Form (PDF)


Microbial Bacteria Sample Collection


FasTEST* Analytical Technology
FasTEST analytical technology provides rapid and accurate analysis of aquatic herbicide and algaecide concentrations in water. FasTEST data are used for monitoring treatment programs and regulatory compliance. FasTEST analytical methods have been developed and verified for monitoring ten active ingredients, including the following SePRO aquatic products: Sonar*, Renovate®, Renovate® MAX G, Sculpin* G, Galleon*, Clearcast®, Nautique*, Komeen*, Captain*, Captain* XTR, K-Tea*, Habitat® and Stingray®.


How to order FasTEST Supplies


FasTEST Collection Procedures Form (PDF)


FasTEST Chain of Custody Form (PDF)


GenTEST* Aquatic Plant Genetics Assessment
GenTEST is an advanced assessment technology that examines specific genetic sequences of aquatic plant DNA (deoxyribonucleic acids) to predict response to management with aquatic herbicides. Using the GenTEST, resource managers have improved confidence in the outcome of management activities and practice the highest level of stewardship in the management of aquatic plants. Please contact your SePRO Aquatic Specialist for more information about designing a monitoring plan.


Procedures for Hydrilla Tissue Collection (PDF)


GenTEST Chain of Custody Form (PDF)


PlanTEST* Bioassay
PlanTEST is a pre-treatment aquatic plant bioassay that determines the susceptibility of plants to aquatic herbicides. Pre-treatment plant samples are gathered from a water body and processed at the SRTC.  SePRO uses assay results in developing site-specific treatment prescriptions.


Plant Collection Procedures Form (PDF)


PlanTEST Chain of Custody Form (PDF)


EffecTEST* Biochemical Assay
EffecTEST is a post-treatment aquatic plant biochemical assay which assesses the current status of herbicide treatment programs. Tissue samples from a treated water body are gathered, processed and analyzed at the SRTC to determine the level of herbicide injury in those plants. SePRO and resource managers utilizethese data to assess treatment status and make adjustments to treatment protocols as needed to achieve desired plant control.


Plant Collection Procedures Form (PDF)


EffecTEST Chain of Custody Form (PDF)


Effective immediately, cooperators shipping plant samples to the SePRO aquatic laboratory in North Carolina MUST include a copy of the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) permit with their shipment. In order to comply, SePRO will be unable to accept packages containing plants that are not accompanied with this permit. Please download and print this permit by clicking on the link below and enclose it in your package.  Thank you for your cooperation.


RTC PPQ Permits


Send samples for analysis to: 
SePRO Research & Technology Campus
16013 Watson Seed Farm Road
Whitakers, NC 27891-9114 
Phone: (252) 437-3282

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