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The World's Leading & Most Advanced Bunker Liner
How It Works
How Capillary Concrete Works
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Capillary Concrete is a patented and engineered polymer-based concrete.  The only building material that can rapidly drain water while also moving water up, regulating the moisture consistency of sand, soil and turfgrass.
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Get 100% moisture and drainage control to keep bunkers in perfect shape during any weather condition.  Eliminate washouts, flooding, soil contamination, plugged ball lies, and other bunker maintenance and playability problems.
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Thousands of bunkers around the world, including dozens of golf's top 100 courses, have been built with Capillary Concrete.
Martin Sternberg, CGCS / Founder of Capillary Concrete talks about Capillary Bunkers.
Long-Term Performance & Durability
Capillary Concrete technology is patented and has been successfully installed in the golf market since 2010. This technology has proven itself in golf courses across five continents, facing all forms of weather and abuse, and has an impeccable track record. In fact, Capillary Bunkers virtually pay for themselves after three years – and continue to bring you savings over the long term. Capillary Concrete is so confident in the performance of it's bunker liner technology, that a 10-year performance guarantee is standard with every installation.  This is the only guarantee of it's kind in the industry.
Just how strong is Capillary Concrete?
Withstands up to 6,800 pounds of pressure for superior durability
Drains water at 100 inches per hour. No washouts or waterlogged sand
Moves moisture back to sand during drier weather for consistent playability
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No More Washouts!
The Capillary Bunker System provides total moisture and drainage control to keep bunkers in optimal condition, no matter what weather comes your way. Capillary bunkers are virtually rain, storm, drought, hurricane, disease, pest, and tornado-resistant! Eliminate washouts, soil contamination, plugged ball lies and other bunker maintenance and playability problems.
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Strong, long-lasting Capillary Concrete
The durable Capillary Concrete foundation means bunkers have a significantly longer lifespan and provide better, more consistent performance over time. The strength of Capillary Concrete actually increases over time as it is exposed to moisture.
100% Freeze-Thaw Guarantee

Capillary Concrete has been designed to withstand the most severe freeze-thaw conditions for decades without any damage. Special polymers are mixed in the truck that enhance it's strength and durability, and provide ample protection from the most severe winter freezing conditions, in any climate, wet or dry.

This freeze-thaw strength has been proven in laboratory environments multiple times, but most importantly in the field, in real-life installations for over 10 years. For instance, an 18 hole top-5 course in Oslo, Norway has had almost all green side bunkers installed over 10 years ago and has suffered zero damage to its Capillary Concrete bunkers. This location is one of the toughest golf course sites you will ever find, with some very deep ground frost on wet clay soils that move with the freeze-thaw cycles every year.

Easy Installation & Maintenance
Installation of Capillary Concrete

Capillary Concrete Bunker System Installation in 5 Steps

  • Prepare the subgrade: Ensure that all bunker drains work properly and the subgrade is positively pitched, stable under foot, smooth, compacted and free of debris.

  • Install turfgrass: Grassing around the perimeter should take place prior to installation and be secured to the soil by roots or staples.

  • Define the edge: Excavate the subgrade under the turf so you will be able to apply Capillary Concrete under the sod to help protect the edge.

  • Install Capillary Concrete: Cover bunker subgrade area with Capillary Concrete; cure 24 hours.

  • Install sand: Place bunker sand over Capillary Concrete; saturate with water.

Full Installation Guidelines and Specifications

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Ease Of Installation
Capillary Concrete gives you the flexibility to schedule installation during your off-season and avoid closing your course for installation during prime playing times. You can even install the Capillary Concrete Bunker System in cold or rainy conditions.
Do It Yourself Or Hire A Contractor
Do the installation in-house or hire a contractor. We provide the support and information you need to help your team or the contractor install the Capillary Bunker System successfully, making your schedule more flexible and saving you money.
The Capillary Concrete™ Bunker System can be installed in nearly any weather conditions and requires less labor to maintain.
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Reduced Labor Costs
Capillary Concrete is committed to reducing bunker maintenance. Bunkers make up just 3-5% of a golf course playing surface, yet likely eat up more than 25% of your maintenance budget. With the Capillary Bunker System, your bunkers will have significantly fewer washouts and need less sand replacement and raking – requiring less labor and lowering your costs.
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Return On Investment & Guarantee
Capillary Concrete ensures your bunker liner decision is risk-free by offering the industry’s only 10-year performance guarantee.

10 Year 100% Performance Guarantee

Here's How It Works:
  • The coverage is built into the product being installed, so there are no additional costs or surprise charges.

  • Details for the Performance Guarantee are addressed in the sales agreement. You can rest assured your bunker is covered.

  • Installers are an integral part of this offering to make sure it’s done right the first time and performs as promised. Installers receive a procedures checklist that must be followed to ensure the installation meets standards for coverage.

  • Capillary Concrete will be responsible for your project from start to finish. We want to protect the value of your investment.

  • After your Capillary Concrete installation is complete, you will receive a certificate naming your project and assigning a project number, which is then registered under our Master Policy.

Capillary Concrete Performance Guarantee Instructions

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Lower Maintenance Costs
The Capillary Concrete™ Bunker System ensures a great return on your investment by significantly increasing the lifespan of your bunkers and lowering your maintenance costs over time. In addition, our Financial Solutions can help improve your cash flow and profitability.
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Reduce The Risk

Capillary Concrete's guarantee is not simply a “Limited Product Warranty” as offered by other bunker companies. The Performance Guarantee ensures that the product installed will perform without fail.
Capillary Wash Box
Washing sand is the remaining piece to a 100% solution to your bunkers. Capillary Bunkers Wash Box allows an innovative way to pressure wash your bunker sand from fine particles and organic contaminants, ultimately lengthening the life of your bunker sand.
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Wash Box - A Revolutionary Invention

For the first time ever, bunker sand can now be washed clean and into a perfect moisture holding state – without the sand having to be removed from the bunker!

  • Wash your bunker sand without removing it

  • The only liner that can withstand high-pressure irrigation water beam

  • A “chimney” removes water from surface with dirt only

  • Creates dryer bunker sand in a few hours

  • Conditions your sand back to new again


This not only cleans the sand but also allows the sand to dry out more in the base of the bunker where fine particles accumulates over time. This is an excellent way to condition bunker sand and improve performance and playability without having to replace or add any new sand.

Installation Guidelines and Washing Instructions

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