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Anuew Growth Regulator

4 X 1.5 lb Box


Introducing Anuew™, a proprietary tool for cool-season turf management. Anuew contains prohexadione calcium, a new active ingredient with a novel mode of action that can be applied to all managed turf areas including golf greens, tees, fairways and roughs, residential and commercial lawns, sod farms, sport fields and similar areas.


Will this be a good alternative for annual bluegrass

greens in the northwest?


Yes, this is a good alternative in the northwest for annual

and perennial bluegrass/bentgrass mixed greens. Anuew

will gradually reduce annual cultivar Poa annua at higher

rates (above 8 oz/A).


The label recommends treatment every 1-2 weeks.

A) How does the product break down?

B) Should application intervals be based on

growing degree days?


The rates and application timing/frequency will vary based

on turf species and growing conditions. For example, use

rates for Poa will be lower at shorter intervals (2-4 oz/A at 1

week) and higher at longer intervals (4-8 oz/A at 2-3 weeks).


A) In soil, Anuew breaks down by oxidative mineralization

to carbon dioxide. Inside the plant, it goes through a

different conversion – it transforms into a free acid. Over the

next two weeks the free acid will rapidly deplete into many

low level metabolic forms.


B) Anuew is a late stage GA inhibitor in the

Acylcyclohexanedione group; therefore growing degree

days should be used to estimate plant activity and usage

rates. This is similar to methods used for trinexapac-ethyl

based products.

The brochure says to avoid mixing with calcium or

boron. Are there any other mixtures to avoid?

No, during product development no other precautions were identified.  Is yellowing or bronzing to be expected after application? Should iron or nitrogen be added

to mask it?


With the exception of the annual cultivar Poa annua, there

were no reports of discoloration on any labeled turfgrass.

It’s important to note that the chlorosis effect (or discoloration)

on Poa annua only occurred at high use rates (above 8 oz/A)

and increased with each additional application.


How long does it take to notice growth regulation

after application?


Noticeable changes will vary by turf species due to

differences in absorption and translocation. In bentgrass/

Poa turf mixtures, reductions in clipping weight typically

occurred within 5-7 days after treatment.


Will the growth regulator improve turf quality and

stress tolerance?


Yes, numerous studies have shown changes in plant

physiology which could be considered an improvement in

plant quality and stress tolerance. Some of the documented

improvements include carbohydrate sequestering to crown

and roots, increased chlorophyll contents in leaves and

reduction in evapotranspiration.

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