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Aquatrols Wetting Agents


2 x 2.5 Gal Case

Zipline powered by AquaVita ™ is a soil surfactant that contains Aquatrols’ cutting edge, proprietary technology specifically designed to aid turf care professionals to consistently deliver Fast, Firm, Fine Turf with soil resource enhancement.

This proprietary technology aids soil enhancement by unlocking existing bound nutritional elements and is safe to use on all turf types.

What Zipline Does


  • Promotes Balanced Hydration

  • Unlocks Existing Bound Nutritional Elements

  • Delivers Consistent Results


Zipline contains a proprietary technology that unlocks existing bound nutritional elements in the soil, making them more available to the plant. A Zipline program promotes consistent playing surfaces through balanced hydration and soil resource enhancement.


2 x 2.5 Gal Case

Aqueduct is a curative surfactant formulation designed specifically to provide rapid recovery from existing water management problems such as localized dry spot. Aqueduct can also be used as a pre-treatment tool to correct problem areas before starting a regular preventative program. It moves water deeply into problem areas, reducing water repellency and restoring the rootzone’s ability to regain optimum moisture levels. Aqueduct quickly reduces turf wilt and promotes recovery of stressed turf. 


2 x 2.5 Gal Case

55 Gal Drum

Dispatch’s patented technology ensures that applied water moves off the surface and into the rootzone more uniformly for less waste and better irrigation efficiency. Dispatch maximizes irrigation efficiency, allowing you to save water and energy. With two formulations available, Dispatch can easily be injected into your irrigation or tank mixed with any spray application.


- Greatly increases water penetration and irrigation efficiency


- Significantly reduces runoff on sloped areas: low areas aren’t wet, high areas aren’t dry


- Increases nitrogen fertilizer efficiency


- Moves fertilizer and chemicals into the soil more uniformly for maximum benefit


- Save 20% - 50% in water and energy


- Better turf performance and playability

Primer Select

5 Gal Container

Primer Select is a high-performance soil surfactant that is the foundation of an effective rootzone management program. It enhances turfgrass uniformity by establishing matrix flow in the rootzone, thus increasing water use efficiency in treated areas of highly managed turf. Based on the original Primer chemistry, this improved formulation allows you to adjust the application rate and frequency to more closely match your soil type and spray program needs. Primer Select is safe throughout the entire growing season for all turf species, and in all climates.


2 x 2.5 Gal Case

30 Gal Drum

Revolution’s patented formulation is designed to take your rootzone moisture management to a new level, creating a more consistent growing environment for high-performance turf. The key to Revolution’s success is its unique methyl-capped structure, which allows it to align closer to the soil particle and create an interlocking layer of hydration sites across the entire particle surface. This ensures that the water distribution characteristics more closely match that of an optimally wettable soil – with a thin continuous film of water and plenty of air. Revolution’s unique methyl-capped structure is also highly water soluble, ensuring hassle-free application and even distribution in the soil. Other capped formulations, such as those utilizing stearic acid caps, do not mix easily with water, leading to inconsistent wetting patterns and a disruption in water distribution.

Sixteen 90

5 Gal Container

30 Gal Drum

Sixteen90 gives you guaranteed safe protection against water repellency problems for ninety days. University testing shows that it outperforms the competition in providing more consistent management of water repellency problems, and will not “break” under climatic stress or drought conditions like traditional long-term products. Sixteen90 is proven to remain effective in the soil for up to three months, reducing water repellency (the cause of localized dry spots) and promoting turf uniformity. 


Sixteen90 gives you safety and performance that you can rely on season after season. Many competitive long-term products can damage turf or fail to perform if applied during extreme heat or drought, precisely when you need surfactant performance the most! Sixteen90 won’t burn or discolor fine or stressed turf, and will remain effective for 90 days through any type of environmental conditions. Even under high water stress, Sixteen90 will allow you to maintain turf quality at or above acceptable levels.

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