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Rain Bird Field Control Systems

Rain Bird® Field Control Systems are engineered to deliver the trusted performance that golf course professionals need to optimize course appearance and playability.


From best-in-class satellite-based systems to reliable field decoders to the dynamic new IC System,™ Rain Bird offers a full range of solutions. Choose Rain Bird field control for easy irrigation scheduling, adjustment and maintenance.

The Rain Bird IC System Advantage

The Rain Bird IC System Case Study

Why Invest in the Rain Bird IC System

Rain Bird Field Control Systems

IC System

Now, Integrated Control Technology is built into the rotor and valve for easy, streamlined control. The new Rain Bird® IC System™ connects central control directly to the rotor or valve.


No field controllers, decoders, secondary wiring or unnecessary splices mean fewer areas that can breakdown, wear out or malfunction.



Simple to Install

Requires up to 90% less wire than traditional satellite control systems and 50% fewer splices than a traditional decoder system.


Cost Savings

Fewer splices and less wire require less time and effort to install the system.


System Database Management

The Integrated Control Module (ICM) offers tear off bar codes and an easy to use scanner to simplify the creation of the central control system database for quick operation. As soon as the wire path is connected to the computer, you can turn on the sprinklers and valves.


Reliable Control

The IC System is a simple yet sophisticated controller/rotor/valve system built around a new generation of Rain Bird’s proven solenoid and satellite technology. Simplicity results in reliability.


Easier to Design

The IC System is easier to design— only simple calculations are required. It eliminates an array of troublesome considerations—there are no satellite controllers to design around or conceal.


Easier Maintenance

The IC System is capable of intelligent, two–way communication with each and every ICM on the golf course. Almost all troubleshooting can be managed through intuitive diagnostics built into the central control software. The learning curve for maintenance is minimal.


Course technicians can easily accomplish most maintenance tasks. The ICM is easily removed and can be replaced if necessary.



The IC System is designed to always turn off if problems occur. When the wire path is damaged or cut, or if central control communication is lost, the ICM is designed to turn off automatically.


True “Below 30 Volt Control System”

As the IC System wire path output is 28 Volts, the IC System is a “true less than 30 Volt control system.” A lower than 30 Volt system is considered a low voltage system and is typically not subjected to code requirements regarding deep burial of the wire path.

Below Ground Control


Since the ICM is built right into the rotor or valve, the entire control system is below ground. Unlike field controller systems, the below ground system offers protection against damage from vandalism, flooding and insects.


Golf Course Aesthetics

Since the IC System control is designed to be entirely below ground, the golf course vistas are clear of irrigation components as envisioned by the golf course designer.


The IC System allows the full benefits of Rain Bird central control systems including: ET-based scheduling, customized course graphics, multiple mapping options, and the ability to “see” the placement and operation of individual rotors.


Central Control “Smart Features”

With the IC Series System, you have the ability to utilize all of Rain Bird’s central control “Smart Features” including: Rain Watch, Minimum ET,™ Smart Weather,™ Smart Pump,™ and Superior Monitoring of system operation.

Par ES Controller

The easy-to-program, central control-ready Rain Bird® PAR+ES Controller features 72-Station capability, unlimited programs with central control, premium surge protection, extensive diagnostics and a best-in-class pedestal enclosure.




Standalone, two-wire and LINK.


Central Control Ready

Works with any Rain Bird Central Control System. Factory-configured to receive commands via cellular phone (MI Series Mobile Controller*) or UHF radio (FREEDOM System).

  • Dynamic FloManager®

  • Smart Pump™

  • Smart Sensor

  • Smart Weather™

  • RainWatch


Choice of Pedestal Colors

Available in gray and green.


Easy Programming

Large, raised control buttons with clear, descriptive icons and a high‑contrast Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel make programming easy — even for the novice. Lights indicate active schedules and central control status, while copy paste function speeds programming process. An angled keypad aids visibility as well as water drainage, and makes the PAR+ES controller extremely easy to use.


Greater Water Precision

The PAR+ES controller allows you to program six (6) automatic and two (2) manual schedules. It allows you to turn on a maximum of 16 valves at 60 Hz and 12 valves at 50 Hz, and features four (4) control modes — giving you ample programming and operating control.


Modular Configuration Allows Easy Expansion

The PAR+ES is available in 16 to 32- and 56-station base configurations and can be easily upgraded in 8-station increments. By simply plugging in an eight-station Output Station Module (OSM) you can expand your PAR+ES controller capabilities to accommodate 24, 40, 48, 64 or 72 stations.


Multi Manual with Station and Program Stacking.  Perfect for syringing or putting down fertilizer, multi manual allows to manually launch as many stations as necessary. Split second delayed start prevents water hammer and high inrush current.


Multiple Schedule Operation

No schedule limit when operated with Rain Bird Central Control Systems. Six (6) automatic (with 8 start times each) and two (2) manual schedules available for standalone operation.


Universal Performance Simplifies Installation and Operation

The intuitive PAR+ES Controller reduces installation and training hassles with its many universal features. For quick electrical hookups, the system automatically senses and adjusts for either a 50 or 60 Hz current; while one (1) transformer accommodates 100 V/120 V, 220 V or 230 V/240 V with the flip of a switch. The PAR+ES Controller also displays system activities and accepts user input in eight (8) different languages. The icon‑driven controls and multilingual display eliminate confusion and translation problems.


Mix and Match

Mix and match with any other Rain Bird Controller and with any Rain Bird Central Control System.


Easy to Use

Large buttons with clear, descriptive icons make programming easy.


Enclosed Electronics

Provides the best protection against the elements.


16-Solenoid Simultaneous Operation


Heavy-duty transformer permits simultaneous operation of up to 16 solenoids (12 at 50 Hz).


Irrigation Control

Variable or weekday programming, for weekday cycle or for irrigation every other day, every three days or up to every nine days.


Simplified Installation

One transformer accommodates various power inputs.


Front Panel Lighting

LEDs and backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) make programming easy even in poor lighting.


Large Capacity Terminal Strip

Accepts up to two 14-gauge wires per station.


Standard Station Lights

OSM lights provide easy identification of active stations.


Standard Station Switches

Turn stations on or off quickly for easy operation and troubleshooting.


Premium Surge Protection

Premium surge protection included in all models.


Sensor Response

Sensor activation cancels irrigation at controller.


Master Valve Activation

Activate master valve output with station activation.


Available PAR+ES Retro Kit

Extends the useful life of older control systems by converting to PAR+ES water‑saving technology.

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