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Rain Bird Filters and Filtration

Rain Bird filters keep irrigation systems free of the contaminants that degrade performance and efficiency. Whether the system utilizes rotors, sprays or drip devices, there is a Rain Bird filtration product designed for the application.



Rain Bird Filters & Filtration

Centrifugal Sand Separators

Remove contaminants to minimize required maintenanceand increase efficiency


Pumping water from wells or other sources with excessive amounts of sand, silt, or other abrasive grit particles can lead to the premature degradation of irrigation system components. These contaminants can reduce the efficiency of the irrigation system equipment by plugging and clogging sprinklers, drip emitters, valves, and spray nozzles. Repairing these components costs time and money in replacement parts, downtime and productivity.


Rain Bird Centrifugal Sand Separators are designed to separate abrasive particles before they can enter the irrigation system, keeping equipment clean and clear of debris, which minimizes the amount of maintenance required and increases operational efficiency. These filters are designed and manufactured in the USA to exacting standards, providing many years of optimal performance.

Rain Bird centrifugal separators are designed for easy installation, minimal maintenance, and reliable operation. The separator removes sand and particles that are heavier than water (materials with a specific gravity of 2 or greater) before these particles can damage your system. Note: Silt, due to its mass (or lack thereof) would not be able to be filtered.


  • No moving parts

  • 150 PSI carbon steel construction with threaded or flanged inlet/outlet connections

  • Polyester powder coated for long service life

  • Non-ASME code standard construction(ASME code construction available optionally)

  • Capacities of 4 to 8300 gpm.

  • Simple installation (no electrical required)

  • Efficient pre-filter to reduce sand load on downstream components.

  • Cost effective

E+ Series Hydraulic Suction Scanning Screen Filters

Rain Bird’s “E+ Series” and “E0+ Series” Hydraulic Suction Scanning Screen Filter provides worry free high-flow rate filtered water quality. E+ Series and E0+ Series self-cleaning water filters have a parallel flange configuration to accommodate simple installation. E0+ Series automatic water filters have a straight flange configuration to accommodate simple installation. The E0+ Series filter will integrate with any straight pipeline.


The E+ Series and E0+ Series automatic water filters utilize an electric motor to assist cleaning during the backwash cycle. Electric Filter models make self-cleaning filtration possible at lower pressures. They are necessary where the minimum 35 psi system pressure is not available. Motor Run filters operate at system pressures as low as 15 psi.


These water filters utilize a two-stage screening process powered by source line water pressure and an electrical drive motor, the filter’s backwash system produces a concentrated high velocity reverse water flow to precisely clean the screen of any entrapped contaminants. The filter contains a coarse screen and a fine screen. The coarse screen is responsible for straining out large debris from the water source. The filter’s backwashing system produces a concentrated high velocity reverse water flow to systematically clean the fine sintered mesh screen of any entrapped contaminants and purifies water to its specified quality.


These automatic water filters provide solutions in a wide variety of industrial, irrigation, and municipal applications. Within each of these markets there are nearly limitless variations of water sources, filtration applications, and end uses of filtered water. Rain Bird answers the needs of each with equipment uniquely suited to new design or to accommodate existing pipelines, operating pressures, flow rates and water qualities. Models are available as a filter unit only, or as a filter assembly including bypass plumbing and valves for fast and easy installation on site.

Rain Bird’s well-established irrigation department provides self-cleaning water filters for turf, landscape, agriculture, greenhouse, golf course and nursery applications.


Rain Bird self-cleaning water filters are also applicable in emerging green and blue industries like Aquaculture.


Typical Micron Sizing:

  • Drip 80-100 micron (200-150 mesh)

  • Micro sprinklers (jets) 150-200 micron (100- 80 mesh)

  • Impact sprinklers and rotors 200-400 micron (40-80 mesh)

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