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Foltec SG

3 x 13.6 lbs


Foltec® SG™ is an innovative foliar nutrient technology from The Andersons. Designed to be different, Foltec SG will change the way superintendents and turf managers think about complex foliar nutrition programs. 


Unlike industry standard liquid fertilizers consisting of numerous formulations and packaged in cumbersome plastic jugs, Foltec SG is a proprietary combination of dry soluble granules (SG) that quickly solubilize in the spray tank. This combination of soluble granules creates a complete nutrition product that reduces the need for a complex tank mix using a wide variety of products.  Each Foltec SG product contains a specific N-P-K ratio along with essential micronutrients, UltraMate SG and sea plant extract. 

Foltec SG is available in three formulations which have been shown to fit the parameters of a typical foliar applied fertility program and include a High N, High P and High K formulation.



Foltec SG can be introduced into the spray tank through an inductor, or by removing the basket strainer and pouring Foltec SG directly into the spray tank, with adequate water and agitation. In field testing with self-contained spray rigs with typical agitation, Foltec SG solubilized quickly and thoroughly. Foltec SG products have also been shown to be compatible with many commonly used control products.


Foltec SG is formulated in three of the most widely used agronomic N-P-K ratios, High N: 24-0-8, High P: 8-24-8 and High K: 8-0-24. These formulas can be easily combined to create your preferred N-P-K ratio. 


Foltec SG utilizes chelated micronutrients in a proven ratio that maximizes availability, efficacy and performance.

ULTRAMATE SG®.  UltraMate SG is an Andersons-exclusive formulation of soluble sulfonated potassium humate which provides an oxidized source of carbon. UltraMate SG contains a combination of fulvic and humic acids which allow plants to utilize applied nutrients more effectively and efficiently. UltraMate SG also provides a wide range of soil benefits which include chelation of nutrients and increased uptake of soil N and P.


Foltec SG contains sea plant extracts derived from the most biologically active sea plant species in the world. They contain a complex array of organic and mineral compounds which include cytokinins, vitamins, sugars, enzymes and proteins that combine together to promote improved wear and drought tolerance. Foltec SG utilizes the proven 3:1 ratio of humic acid to sea plant extract for maximum plant health benefits based on research conducted at Virginia Tech University.1


Foltec SG is innovative and is designed to be different than the standard liquid foliar fertility products in many sensible ways.


Foltec SG is packaged in a resealable foil-lined bag with an easy open tear strip to save time and effort during mixing and loading. There are no plastic jugs to triple rinse and recycle.


Foltec SG is packaged based on application rate and coverage. A single 13.6 lb. bag will cover 1 acre at the typical application rate. A case contains 3 x 13.6 lb. bags which will cover 3 acres. 


Because Foltec SG utilizes dry soluble granules, it will not freeze or require heated storage and special handling requirements like liquid formulations do. Foltec SG can be shipped at any time of the year under all weather conditions.


Foltec SG is a combination of N-P-K, micronutrients, UltraMate SG® and sea plant extract which provides complete nutrition and reduces the need to create a complex tank mix using a variety of products. The cost in use of Foltec SG (for a typical two week interval foliar spray program) will be comparable to other mid-tier liquid industry standards and can also be less expensive than many other competitors.

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