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Rain Bird Advanced Control Technologies

Rain Bird® Advanced Control Technologies are designed with ease of use in mind. From soil sensing to pump management with our powerful central control, we offer a full range of solutions that integrate advanced technologies and optional software. With their help, you can manage water responsibly, save money and reduce utility costs, while continually enhancing course appearance and improving playability.

Rain Bird MI Software Overview

Rain Bird MI Software: Area Stations

Rain Bird Advanced Control Technologies

MI Series Mobile Controller

Remote access to your central control is now as convenient as the Internet, with mobile control. This software runs on your central control computer to provide remote irrigation control via a web-enabled cell phone.


Rain Bird® MI Series Mobile Controllers are designed to work on a standard cell phone with Internet connectivity and offer far more remote options than anything else available.


Once connected to the Internet, up to 9 remote users can simultaneously control sprinklers and programs, review system activity or directly change settings on both sprinklers and irrigation programs. All activity is logged for convenient review.


Available in Basic, Advanced and Professional versions, you can turn sprinklers and programs on and off. You can see which sprinklers and programs are running, how much they are using and how long they have been running.

Freedom System

Mobile Controller for Golf Irrigation


Rain Bird’s® FREEDOM™ System makes remote control of your irrigation system easier than ever! The FREEDOM System allows real-time operation of your central control from anywhere on the course.


The FREEDOM handheld provides reliable, two-way communication with your Rain Bird system. Use it to choose from command-based or schedule-based operations, making irrigation adjustments a snap. Either way, The FREEDOM System puts you in control of your irrigation management system wherever you are.


System Features and Benefits


  • Two-way Communication with Rain Bird Centrals. Audio response at radio indicates command received by central.


  • Station- and Program-based Commands. Provides the flexibility to turn ON or OFF any station or an entire area with the click of a few buttons.


  • FREEDOM -based Commands Recorded at Central. Irrigation activity logged at the central whether stations turned ON with FREEDOM System or with central.


  • Optional Flo-Manager® Bypass. Permits FREEDOM user to bypass Flo-Manager.


  • Optional Operating Window. Allows user to define FREEDOM usage hours, which helps superintendents to control irrigation activity.


Two-way Voice Communication

Radio Features and Benefits


Weather Resistant and Reliable. The TK 3180 handheld radio is built to survive the drops, hard-knocks and weather environments of its users. The TK 3180 meets or exceeds the demanding MIL-STD “driven rain” standard, which guarantees water-resistant performance even in wet weather.


  • LCD Display. The backlit, high-resolution dot matrix 12-character display furnishes the user with a simple easy-to-read interface.

  • High Quality Audio Output. Equipped with an extra‑large 1.58-inch speaker that delivers a half‑watt of audio power for robust clarity.

  • Extra-Long Battery Life. 1100 mAh batteries deliver more than nine (9) hours of operating time on a single charge (5-5-90 duty).

  • Wide/Narrow Channel Bandwidth. Each channel can be programmed for wide or narrow bandwidth operation.

  • Radio Warranty. One-year warranty.

  • MIL- STD 810 C/D/E/F Environmental Tests. Meets or exceeds the stringent IP/54/55 dust and water intrusion standards and a full range of tough MIL-STD 810 C, D, E and F environmental standards in categories such as vibration, shock, dust, humidity, rain, temperature, solar radiation and atmospheric pressure.

Smart Pump

Rain Bird’s Smart Pump™ is a powerful central control software tool that improves pump station performance more than any comparable product on the market.


It integrates your irrigation system from Reservoir to Rotor, constantly comparing actual flow to expected flow. By making smart, real-time decisions based on this information, it optimizes your system — saving water, conserving electricity and reducing wear and tear on your valuable pumping system.



Actual Flow Measurement

Unlike other irrigation central control software, Smart Pump bases its decisions on actual flow, not estimated flow. By using accurate information — in real time — Smart Pump automatically balances supply with system demand. That means greater efficiency and an end to wasted water and electricity.


24-Hour Pump Supervision

With Smart Pump, you can relax knowing your system will instantly respond to actual field conditions with the right decisions. For instance, if a pipe breaks, Smart Pump will stop water flow to the pipe to prevent turf damage. Or, if the pump station fails, Smart Pump will make immediate water demand adjustments to keep the system from shutting down permanently. It’s like having your own irrigation supervisor at every sprinkler, 24/7.


Integration Meets Intelligence

Smart Pump seamlessly integrates your entire irrigation system. It automatically starts waiting sprinklers or pauses active sprinklers to reduce flow or increase demand, keeping your irrigation system running at peak efficiency at all times.

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