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The unique combination of live microorganisms in Fishsh!t provides a range of benefits to grasses, ornamental plants and soil. The microbes in Fishsh!t are designed to break down complex organic and synthetic matter and release essential nutrients into the soil. Fishsh!t is a potent biostimulant that aids plant health and development by increasing; root growth, root diameter, soil water holding capacity, microbial activity, and nutrient availability. 
  • Rescue distressed greens, tee boxes, fairway as well as struggling plants
  • Increase drought tolerance
  • Remove seam lines due to sod installation
  • Improve germination rates
  • Enhance root zones
  • Boost nutrient availability 
  • Creates a microbiome which increases beneficial bacteria in any medium
  • Jump starts dormancy in plants 
  • Mitigate wear and tear on greens due to excessive play 
  • Ensure compliance in areas where NPK usage is not allowed 
  • Safe for use near waterways and aquifers
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  Fishsh!t Is Available in a 20 Liter Pail

One 20 L Pail Will Treat 62 Acres at

0.25 oz per 1,000 Sq Ft Every Two Weeks

  • Works with any Nutrient line

  • Most robust beneficial bacteria on the market

  • OMRI certifies 100% organic

  • Over 4,000 species of microbes - more than any other beneficial bacteria on the market

  • Billions of Microbes in every dose

  • Beneficial Bacteria promotes nutrient uptake and availability, and acts as a biocontrol agent to fight off plant pests, parasites, and diseases

  • Turns any medium into a thriving and naturally occurring ecosystem

  • Fishsh!t is 100% organic, and can be used with either organic or synthetic inputs

  • Fishsh!t has no available NPK


  • Fishsh!t should not be mixed with anti-bacterial products 

  • For optimal results, Fishsh!t should be applied twice monthly at .25 ounces per thousand square feet

 Soil Dosing Instructions
3-6 mL of Fishsh!t while flushing plants. Fishsh!t helps break down salt and nutrient build up.
Bloom Phase
3-6 mL of Fishsh!t per gallon of water.
Vegetative Phase
Use 6 mL of Fishsh!t per gallon on the first feeding/watering. Use 3-6 mL of Fishsh!t through all weeks of vegetative growth. Promotes vigorous and healthy growth.
Transplant Aid
6 mL of Fishsh!t per gallon of water. Water at base of plant. Helps aid with effects of transplant shock.
Root Dip
50 mL of Fishsh!t per 50 mL of water.
Seed Germination
1 mL of Fishsh!t per gallon of water
2 mL of Fishsh!t per gallon of water.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the shelf life for Fishsh!t?

Fishsh!t has a minimum shelf life of 24 months from date of packaging. We continue to run stability testing on the product to insure consistent, reliable product and results for our customers.

  • Can Fishsh!t be used with synthetic nutrients?

Yes, Fishsh!t works in concert with all nutrient lines – synthetic or organic.

  • Does Fishsh!t help with root rot?

Fishsh!t helps prevent root rot, as beneficial bacteria promotes nutrient mineralization and availability, and acts as a biocontrol agent to fight off plant pests, parasites, and diseases.

  • Oops, I used more than the recommended amount of Fishsh!t, will it burn or kill my plants?

Fishsh!t has NO available NPK so it will not burn or harm your plants at any dosage.

  • How long after I mix Fishsh!t with water or nutrients do I need to use it?

We recommend using any nutrient-water mixed with Fishsh!t within 7 days from adding to a standing reservoir.

  • Why does the cap have a hole in it?

Fishsh!t is “Alive Inside” and needs a vented top to accommodate the “Living Ecosystem” within the bottle.

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