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PBI Gordon Growth Regulators



1 qt Bottle

1 gal Bottle

Atrimmec® is a systemic plant growth regulator (PGR) that works by blocking the plant hormones that stimulate growth. Atrimmec applied as a foliar spray interrupts apical shoot elongation, so one application with one trimming can last the entire season. Spraying shrubs, hedges, trees, and groundcovers reduces trimming and pruning labor by 50% or more, and improves the appearance of landscape ornamentals by pro - moting lateral branching. This gives plants a denser, fuller look. Hedges and shrubs that show irregular shapes, including damage from pests and weather, can fill in lushly, even on the old wood.


  • Spray-apply to retard growth of hedges, shrubs, trees, and groundcovers

  • Reduces trimming, pruning and cleanup maintenance by 50% or more

  • In many areas, one trimming and treatment controls growth all season long

  • Keeps plants looking trimmed longer

  • Promotes branching; forms a fuller, more compact, uniform shape

  • Groundcovers establish sooner, producing denser cover without encroaching on driveways, walks, and walls

  • Reduces nuisance fruits on landscape plants with bark banding and drench applications

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