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Rain Bird Pumps & Pump Stations

Pump Stations Overview

  • Flows Up to 750 GPM at 120 psi *

  • Reliable Variable Frequency Drive Pump Stations designed to serve as the main irrigation pump station for golf courses.

  • Rain Bird’s Pump Systems are designed for both new construction projects and can be custom built for tough-to-fit renovation projects.

  • Available in flows up to 10,000 GPM in the following configurations:

  • Vertical and Submersible Turbine Pump Stations for Wet-well Applications.

  • Horizontal End Suction for Flooded Suction, Suction Lift, and Pressure Boosting Applications.

  • Multistage Pumps for Flooded Suction and Pressure Boosting Applications where differential pressures greater than 130 PSI are required.

  • Enhanced Serviceability

  • Modern electrical design utilizing industrial breaker motor protection instead of time-wasting fuses. Industrial circuit breakers are quickly reset and designed for an extended service life.

  • Reduced Downtime

  • Modern electrical design that uses industrial circuit breaker motor protection instead of time wasting fuses. Industrial circuit breakers are good for thousands of trips.

  • Easy Operator Training

  • English and Spanish color touch-screen that is easy to learn.

  • Reduced Cost

  • Our powder coat paint earned the highest rating on ASTM corrosion tests. Less corrosion equals longer pipe, skid, and manifold life, reducing cost.

  • No-Hassle Buying

  • Get everything you need for your irrigation system construction or renovation from the only manufacturer dedicated to irrigation.

  • Available in the following configurations:

  • Vertical and submersible turbine pump stations for wet well applications.

  • Horizontal end suction for flooded suction, suction lift and pressure boosting applications.

  • Multistage pumps for flooded suction and pressure boosting applications where differential pressures greater than 130 psi (9 bar) are required.

  • Options:

  • Air Conditioned Electrical Panel Cooling System

  • Custom Controls

  • Custom Piping and Manifolds

  • Enclosures: Aluminum, Painted Steel (Government

  • Specified Colors) or Stainless Steel

  • Fabricated Discharge Heads

  • Fertigation Systems

  • Filtration: Backwashing Screen Filters and Suction Scan Filters (Hydraulic or Electric)

  • Heater, Skid Mounted 5KW

  • Intake Box Screen with 3 Stainless Steel Screens

  • Lake Level Control: Float Switch and Ultrasonic

  • Magnetic Flow Meter

  • Modem, Radio or Hard-wired

  • Power Zones: 5, 7.5, or 10KVA

  • TEFC Motors

  • Wye Strainer with Auto Back-flush

  • Z Discharge Pipe

  • HDPE Piping and Manifolding

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Rain Bird Irrigation Pumps and Pump Stations

Providing completely integrated irrigation systems for efficient water management -- from reservoir to rotor.

Rain Bird applies its world leading irrigation expertise to the design and manufacture of golf pump stations. By doing so, only Rain Bird is able to provide totally integrated irrigation solutions, reservoir to rotor. Solutions that reliably and dependably deliver a more playable course, while lowering utility costs. Further ensuring pump station efficiency are integrating filtration systems that maintain source water clarity, which saves time and minimizes maintenance.


Rain Bird offers a variety of pump station options to meet your needs. From main irrigation pump stations for flows up to 10,000 GPM and water feature pump stations for flows up to 10,000 GPM and greater, to intermediate flow pump stations with flows up to 750 GPM and enclosed low flow pump stations for flows up to 300 GPM. Pump stations from Rain Bird feature a reliable Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). VFD Technology has proven to be the most efficient in reducing energy costs and minimizing system wear.



Retrofit Pump Station Panels

Replace aging and obsolete panels and components with the latest VFD and PLC technology and touchscreen. Installing a Rain Bird pump station retrofit panel allows Rain Bird Central Control customers to optimize their irrigation system using Rain Bird’s Smart Pump™ software. SmartPump is the only software that integrates the operation of your central control and pump station in real time. Modern panels equipped with circuit breakers allow you to leave behind the hassles of out-dated fuses, reducing downtime and maintenance cost.

  • Increased Reliability

  • Better Irrigation Efficiency

  • Reduced Maintenance


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