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Rain Bird Gear Driven Rotors


Rain Bird® Gear-Driven Rotors are engineered to efficiently manage water. With minimal maintenance requirements, worry-free performance and maximum water distribution uniformity, they help your course achieve maximum playability and profitability.


All Rain Bird electric golf rotors feature a new GBS25 solenoid. With unmatched 25kV surge protection and built-in filtration for a second level of protection from debris, this solenoid eliminates the most common maintenance tasks that plague competing rotors.


Trusted by golf course professionals everywhere, particularly those in drought prone areas, these innovative rotors deliver optimal playing surfaces, high durability and reduced water costs.

Rain Bird Rotor:  Top Servicability

Troubleshooting a Weeping Rotor

Rain Bird 751 Rotor Arc Adjustment

Rain Bird 751 Rotor A Arc & B Arc Setting

Rain Bird 751 Rotor Memory Arc Setting

Item Discontinuation


Part Number: 213366

Rain Bird’s Golf Division announces the discontinuation of Part Number 213366 used in EAGLE and DR rotors manufactured before April 2001.


The decision to discontinue this product comes after the depletion of all remaining inventory and an inability to source components.  No direct substitute product is available for this item.


Courses which are utilizing rotor cases dated after June 1995 with double tubes may use part 211418 as a substitute selector assembly.  Courses utilizing cases pre-June 1995 with single tubes should contact their Clesens Irrigation Representative to consider new case & rotor purchase options for their system.  Rain Bird is currently extending a summer golf rotor promotion which could be utilized to support your transition.

Rain Bird Rotors & Swing Joints

Rain Bird 700/751 Series Rotors

Make the most of every rotor with new Rapid-Adjust Technology featuring MemoryArc.™ Available on new Rain Bird® 751 Golf Rotors, this innovative feature allows you to easily adjust watering on greens, fairways or roughs for unmatched versatility and precise control.


Offering proven Rain Bird durability and distribution uniformity, these cost-efficient rotors are also backward-compatible with existing Rain Bird rotor cases. Doing more when it matters most. That’s The Intelligent Use of Water.™


Proven Rain Bird Performance

The new Rain Bird® 700 Series features the high efficiency nozzles you've come to expect from the industry leader and delivers the best performance yet from Rain Bird golf rotors.


With large droplets that cut through harsh winds and reliable and consistent pressure regulation, Rain Bird rotors deliver the even distribution you need to guarantee a healthy playing surface.


Industry-Leading Durability

You never take a day off. Neither should your rotor. Driven to deliver, built to take a beating, Rain Bird® 700 Series Golf Rotors deliver improved durability. Trust their rugged construction for year after year of reliable, hassle-free performance.


Backward Compatibility

Already have Rain Bird rotors installed on your course? New Rain Bird® 700 Series Golf Rotors offer backward-compatibility with every 700 Series EAGLE™ Rotor manufactured since 1992. Saving precious time and money is as simple as dropping new Rain Bird® 700 Series internal assemblies into your existing rotor cases.


Low Cost of Ownership

These days, everyone can appreciate the value of a wise purchasing decision. All things considered, Rain Bird Golf Rotors offer a low cost of ownership through a powerful combination of versatility, performance and durability.


So make the most of every dollar—install 700 and 751 Golf Rotors to optimize water consumption, simplify operation and minimize replacement, maintenance and inventory costs.


Turn-of-a-Screw Flexibility

Your course’s watering needs seem to change by the day. Now your watering arc can change with them. Rain Bird® 751 Golf Rotors offer easy, top-adjustable rotation settings that retain the memory of their part-circle arc setting when shifting between full- and part-circle operation.


This unique feature is designed to offer quick, dry arc adjustments not just during grow-in, but for the life of the rotor. So whether you need to ramp up watering during fertigation or conserve water in response to water restrictions, you can do it all with just a simple twist of your wrist.


Rain Bird Eagle 900/950 Series Rotors

For fairways and the rough, the EAGLE™ 900/950 rotor series provides superior coverage.


Closed-Case Provides Proven Debris Resistance


True closed-case construction of EAGLE rotors extends the life of the rotor by protecting the motor from debris, outside elements and environmental changes.


The industry's only self-flushing mode at pop-up and pop-down adds another barrier to debris that is crucial in fine sand and silty soil types. The closed-case design also permits installation to grade.


Offers the versatility to meet any challenge, regardless of the climate, soil type, water use and fertigation requirements.


Available in full- and part-circle versions, with a choice of electric, hydraulic, and Stopamatic (SAM) models.


Some EAGLE series rotors are interchangeable. Simply install the new internal assembly inside the existing case-without rewiring.

Easily interchangeable color-coded nozzles allows rotors to be easily tailored to differing course applications and requirements.

ACME thread inlet features the o-ring seal style for positive seal.


Unique flow-around-the-motor design reduces friction and ensures reliable performance with all types of water conditions-even reclaimed water.


EAGLE rotors are easily serviced from the top. The simple removal of snap rings provides quick access to the internal assembly and valve - with no digging. And pressure regulation and arc adjustment can be made from the top using only a screwdriver.

Rain Bird Swing Joint

Innovative elbow design reduces pressure losses by over 50%


Looking to enhance the performance of your golf course irrigation system? Rain Bird swing joints are the perfect solution.


Featuring superior flow characteristics and excellent structural integrity, these swing joints are designed to deliver the performance you expect from Rain Bird while saving you money. They are available in a wide range of configurations.


Rain Bird swing joints are the perfect complement to our Golf Series Rotors.


Also Available! NPT to ACME Adapter

If you currently have NPT Swing Joints, you can now begin using cases with ACME threads by using the Rain Bird® NPT – ACME Adapter. No tape required. Just screw it right on top of your NPT swing joint (Rain Bird or competitor!) and screw the ACME case to the adapter.


Available for both 1 1/4” and 1 1/2” swing joints, the adapter only adds about 1 3/8” to the installed height of the rotor and is rated to the same operating pressures as the Rain Bird Swing Joints.


Rain Bird Swing Joint Features


Superior flow characteristics through an innovative swept elbow design* that reduces pressure loss by over 50% compared to other swing joints. With an available enlarging outlet or reducing outlet (no additional adapters required), you can save money using smaller diameter swing joints with many larger rotor heads.

Excellent structural integrity from the swept elbow design reduces the costs associated with fatigue-related failures.


Double O-ring protection provides a better seal ensuring joints are kept clean and can be repositioned more easily. When Rain Bird swing joints are assembled under water, a unique pressure-relieving vent* bypasses trapped water from the joint threads, preventing O-ring damage or extrusion.


Modified ACME outlet improves safety by losing seal engagement before losing thread engagement during rotor removal. This provides a visual indication that the system is still under pressure. Color-coding and distinct size markings reduce costs by eliminating errors and improving installation efficiency with quick size identification at the job site.


Enlarging outlet swing joints are easily identified with a separate color-coded outlet.


Threaded inlets are oversized making hand tightening and blind installations (under water) easier. This also reduces the risk of potential damage caused by over-tightening with a wrench.


An available triple-top outlet configuration allows for easier adjustments when turf height changes or rotors settle. It also provides greater flexibility in setting the rotor to the grade.

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