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Tetrino is an innovative insecticide that offers fast-acting, broad-spectrum control of key pests like white grubs, annual bluegrass weevil larvae, and surface feeding caterpillars. With systemic activity and flexible application timing, Tetrino is the single solution that does the job of several insecticides. The affordable innovation of Tetrino makes it the perfect fit for any schedule, agronomic program, and budget.

// Active Ingredient: Tetraniliprole

// FRAC Group: 28

// EPA Registration Number: 432-1591

// Signal Word: Caution

// Formulation: Liquid suspension concentrate (SC)


// Season-long control of white grubs with both preventive and early curative efficacy

// Fast-acting systemic control of ABW larvae

// Flexible use rates and application timing to fit any agronomic program

// Outstanding control of damaging caterpillar pests, including fall armyworm, black cutworm, and sod webworm

Application Rate
Notes for Optimal Control

White Grubs

(masked chafer, Japanese beetle, green June beetle, European chafer, etc.)

Annual Bluegrass Weevil (ABW)

Turf infesting caterpillars

(Fall armyworms, black cutworm, sod webworms, etc.)

16 – 32 fl. oz/Acre*

16 – 32 fl. oz/Acre*

16 – 32 fl. oz/Acre*

Apply during peak flight, prior to egg hatch. Target early larval stages. Irrigate or allow rainfall to move product into soil after application.

Apply to target early instar larvae based on phenological indicators (i.e. Dogwood full bloom, rhododendron full bloom). No irrigation required.

Apply as part of a preventive program or when activity is first observed. No irrigation required.

*See product label for complete application instructions and full range of pests controlled.

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