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Erosion Control

Bio Barrier

19.5" x 100" (162.5 sq ft)

12" x 20" (20.0 sq ft)

12" x 100" (100.0 sq ft)

Typar Bio-Barrier is a multi-year root control system which can be strategically positioned in the soil to protect structures and certain areas from root encroachment. Trifluralin impregnated time release capsules are permanently attached to the fabric to inhibit root growth but will not harm the plant. 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Clesen Mat

5' x 150' green roll (83 sq yds)

100% wood revegetation and erosion control blankets. Designed for 2:1 or flatter slopes. Each roll is reinforced with fast decaying photo-degradable ploypropylene top netting. Rolls are green colored with temporary dye for finished appearance. Meets BMP standards for rolled erosion control products.  Superior germination, structural integrity and holding power over other erosion control products.


4' x 112.5' roll

American Excelsior erosion control curlex blanket.

Green Stakes

500 stakes per case

4” biodegradable “T” shaped stakes for use with all types of erosion control blankets. Greenstakes will decompose through microbial activity in the soil.  These stakes remove the hazard that standard metal U-shaped staples pose (as a projectile when a mower comes in contact with them) – well worth the cost for the reduced risk.

Mat Blend

50 lb bag

MatWood’s 70% wood and 30% paper mulch that includes the best features of both paper and wood mulches. 1500 to 2500 lbs per acre. Also available with tackifier.

Mat Blend P

50 lb bag

MatWood’s 50/50 blend with a high grade organic tackifier added at 3% by weight.

Mat Wood

50 lb bag

MatWood’s virgin wood fiber mulch that clings to the soil forming a web like network to hold the seeds in place until germination takes place. 1500 to 2500 lbs per acre.

Pam12 / Slopekeeper

50 lb bag

Encap’s granular erosion control, Pam 12 and Slopekeeper contain polyacrylamide on a newspaper carrier. Encap’s proprietary blend of soil stabilization polymers are designed to keep seed, soil and fertilizer in place, even after rain. Rates vary depending on slope, from 25 to 75 pounds per 1000 square feet. Please refer to label to determine the appropriate rate for the slope you are applying to.


40 lb bag

PennMulch Seed Accelerator is the only seed establishmentproduct containing patented Moisture Cell Technology.  Comprised of super-absorbent polymers, Moisture Cell Technology can absorb up to 400 percent its weight in water, which causes the pellets to expand and absorb water. As the seed bed dries, the microscopic polymer crystals release water back into the soil, providing the new seedlings with the moisture they need to grow healthy and strong. PennMulch has a full rate of starter fertilizer incorporated into the mulch with an analysis of 1-2-0.5 to grow thicker, stonger, healthier turf faster. The new formulation of PennMulch now comes with Hydrobond Tackifier to ensure seeds stay in place.


6" x 1" staples packed, 1000 per case

6" x 1" round top staples, 1000 per case

Straw Blanket

8' x 112.5' roll (100 sq yds)

Single net straw blanket that rapidly degrades 45 to 60 days. Excellent for moderate

4:1 slopes.

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