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Fame SC

FMC Fungicides

Fame SC

16 oz Bottle

64 oz Bottle

Value in Strength


Fame™ SC Fungicide applied alone or in combination with DMI or contact fungicides is the cost-effective Strobilurin foundation of affordable turf disease control. Fame™ SC Fungicide provides patented Fluoxastrobin protection from all major patch, spot, and mold diseases at a competitive cost per acre, so you can use it anywhere on your course.


Wherever You Need Disease Control


You Need Fame™ SC Fungicide.

University trials and use on leading courses prove that Fame with Fluoxastrobin provides maximum Strobilurin disease control at a competitive cost per acre that makes it affordable for use on fairways, tees and greens.  Fame™ SC Fungicide is an ideal fit as a foundation Strobilurin fungicide, used alone or tank-mixed with DMI or contact products to control all major turfgrass diseases, including Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Zoysia Patch, Summer Patch, Gray Leaf Spot, and Pythium. Plus, Fame™ SC Fungicide is  labeled for control of light-to-moderate infestation of Dollar Spot.


Apply Fame™ SC Fungicide early in summer for broad-spectrum disease control, or in late July through August to target Pythium when Fame™ can be used alone or tank-mixed with Subdue Maxx (mefenoxam) for maximum Pythium control activity.


Excellent Control of Brown Patch and All Major Spot and Patch Diseases.


Fame™ SC Fungicide, applied alone or in combination or rotation with systemic or contact fungicides delivers fast-acting, long-lasting control of all major turfgrass diseases wherever they’re found on your course.

Fame +C

2 x 2.5 gal Case

Fame™+C: The Original Strobilurin and Chlorothalonil Fungicide for Total Disease Control. Total disease protection in one container. 


Fame™ +C provides the total turf fungicide package for total disease control containing Fluoxastrobin for patented systemic Strobilurin activity, with the proven contact activity of Chlorothalonil. Fame™ +C provides the broadest spectrum unsurpassed protection against thirty widely prevalent diseases, plus two proven modes of activity on Dollar Spot. The combination of Fluoxastrobin and Chlorothalonil in one product provides a built-in resistance management strategy while enhancing the activity of each active ingredient against difficult to control turf pathogens. There is simply no easier, more cost-efficient or worry-free way to protect your entire golf course. 


Fame™ +C combines two modes of activity at an affordable price. One: Fluoxastrobin, the enhanced Strobilurin active ingredient in Fame™ +C, is priced at the most affordable cost per acre of any Strobilurin. Two: Chlorothalonil, the contact disease control ingredient in Fame™ +C, is the same active ingredient found in the leading contact product, yet delivered at a highly cost-effective rate per acre. Three: Fame™ +C formulation application rates are perfectly calibrated to optimize the performance of both active ingredients, saving you the crew time and labor costs of tank mixing. It all adds up to Fame™ +C giving you premium disease control results at an affordable price, so you can apply it economically on fairways, greens and tees– wherever disease control is needed. 


Worry-Free Control of All Major Spot, Patch, Blight, and Snow Mold Diseases in One Product.

Fame +T

2 x 2.5 gal Case

Fame™ +T combines Strobilurin (FRAC 11) fungicide with systemic DMI (FRAC 3) fungicide to optimize resistance management. 


Fame™ +T is a broad-spectrum fungicide for the control of certain diseases in turf and ornamentals. Fame™ +T works by interfering with respiration and sterol synthesis in plant-pathogenic fungi, and is a potent inhibitor of spore germination and mycelial growth. The active ingredients, Fluoxastrobin and Tebuconazole move rapidly into green tissue via translaminar movement and are rainfast in as little as fifteen minutes after application. Roots of plants also take up the active ingredients where it is translocated throughout the xylem of plants to provide internal inhibition of fungal growth and protect the plant from new infections. The broad spectrum of activity of Fame™ +T makes it an excellent choice as a broad spectrum, dual action fungicide for turf disease management programs. Other labeled fungicides can be used in tank mixture or alternated with Fame™ +T to cover all the major fungal diseases.


Resistance Management


The active ingredients in Fame™ +T (Fluoxastrobin and Tebuconazole) belong to the Strobilurin (Group 11 Fungicides) class of chemistry and the Dimethylase Inhibitor (Group 03 Fungicides) classes of fungicide. The dual action of Fame™ +T results in a built in resistance management strategy that will minimize the resistance in at risk pathogens. Fungal pathogens are known to develop resistance to products with the same mode of action when used repeatedly. Because resistance development cannot be predicted, the use of this product should conform to resistance management strategies established for turf. Such strategies may include rotating and/or tank-mixing with products having different modes of action or limiting the total number of applications per season. FMC encourages responsible resistance management to ensure effective long-term control of the fungal diseases. In programs in which Fame™ +T is used, the number of Group 11 fungicides (Strobilurins) and Group 3 fungicides (Demethylase Inhibitors) applications should be no more than one half of the total number of fungicide applications per season for at risk pathogens.


2.5 Gal Bottle

Rayora™ fungicide contains flutriafol, a breakthrough active ingredient from FMC, is part of the next generation of DMIs.

Ideal for preventative and curative Dollar Spot, Rayora fungicide is set apart by its rapid foliar and root uptake.  Rayora also provides preventative control of brown patch and gray leaf spot.  Its uptake and redistribution is faster than any other in its class, meaning it gets into the turf quickly and starts working.  It's not only fast, but long lasting as well.  In addition, Rayora actively protects the treated turf and newly developed leaves as the turf grows. Rayora has turf safety with proven examples of excellent turf grass quality.

  • Rapid foliar and root uptake; Uptake and redistribution is faster than any other DMI

  • Actively protects treated turf grass leaves and newly developing leaves

  • Rainfast in two hours

  • Preliminary data suggests effectiveness on certain DMI and SDHI insensitive strains

  • Proven turf safety - no regulation effect

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