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Protect your Investment

Your Rain Bird central control and irrigated turf system is the single most important course management tool you have.  You want to make sure your system continues to use water efficiently for years to come, and Rain Bird’s Global Service Plan (GSP) is here to help you achieve your goals.  A Global Service Plan gives you access to 24/7 phone support from GSP Engineers dedicated to help answer your questions, provide expert advice, and minimize your system’s downtime.

Peace of Mind 

Help is always available 24/7/365. Don’t waste your time or valuable resources.  Let our GSP Engineers get you back up and running quickly.

Fast Response and Resolution 

Through Remote Access and 24 hr. hardware replacement, problems are resolved quickly even on weekends and holidays.

Budget Control 

There are no unexpected costs when you have to replace covered central control components.  With a Standard or Seasonal GSP plan, you have a fixed periodic expense.  

MI Series™ Mobile Controller Software 

All current GSP Members are able to receive one professional and one advance license (Over $14,000 value) complimentary.  This will allow you to be able to connect to your central from any web-enabled smartphone or tablet.

Automatic Database Backup

Rain Bird GSP has created a worry-free solution.  They are now offering automatic database backups for your Rain Bird irrigation computer. They will automatically have your Database backed up daily as long as your computer is connected to the internet. These daily backups will not interfere with your Rain Bird Golf Software or run times.  Don’t be left having to rebuild your database if your computer ever stopped working. With this new service GSP Members will be able to receive their most recent database loaded on a replacement computer and for Non-GSP members, GSP will email you the most current backup of your software.   This is a complimentary service for all GSP Members.  For a monthly fee, non-GSP Members can take advantage of this service.

Payment Options

For golf course on a limited annual or monthly budget, we have monthly and annual payment options.  A golf course could also choose to do Rain Bird Financing for any Standard GSP Plan.  Are budget constraints still an issue? Ask about our GSP LIMITED Plan or Seasonal Plan and see if either would be a better fit.

Board Exchange Discounts

Replacing circuit boards is easy and affordable with our Board Exchange Program, and as a Global Service Plan customer, you will receive a 20% discount off list prices on all Board Exchange orders.

Ask your Clesens Irrigation Representative about our new lower board pricing.

Rain Bird Global Service Plan

Board Exchange Program

Ask your Clesens Irrigation Representative about our new lower board pricing.


The Rain Bird Board Exchange program is designed to meet your needs for a fast and reliable supply of electronic circut boards when a “downtime” situation demands action. The program provides quick, easy, and dependable replacement of a damaged circuit board with genuine new or Rain Bird factory reconditioned boards. A simple phone call to your Clesen sales representative or our customer service team and we will have the replacement board to your site the next business day to ensure your irrigation system is operating properly, as soon as possible.


Program Features:

• Fast overnight delivery included.

• 1 year warranty on all replacement boards.

• quality service and components.

• improvements for reliability and back- wards compatibility.

• Guaranteed stock on all current produc- tion boards/components.

• 20% discount for GSP Members


Fast Service/Easy Installation:

When speed is essential to prevent damage to your turf or to your reputation, you can depend on Rain Bird. Rain Bird stocks an extensive supply of replacement boards for Rain Bird Golf and Commercial products, and we ship overnight to nearly any area of the United States. The replacement board can be shipped directly to your site or to one of our three warehouses. Simply contact your Clesenn sales represenative or our customer service team to place your order, and have your replacement boards quickly on the way. We can also arrange a service call with one of our authorized service providers to install the parts, if you choose not to install the parts yourself.



Pricing is fixed so you know the cost of the parts in advance.  Pricing includes overnight shipping, and a prepaid return shipping label to recover the damaged board or component. If you are a current Global Service Plan Member, you will receive an additional 20% discount on all of your Board Exhange Program orders.



Turning to the original manufacturer ensures you are using the highest quality replacement boards available. Use of OEM boards ensures full backwards compatibility and the reliability you have grown to know and trust with Rain Bird. All boards are new or factory reconditioned using only quality OEM Rain Bird components, which include all engineering improvements and the latest backed by a 2 year warranty to provide you peace of mind.



We are product experts for your Rain Bird system and will make every effort to meet your needs, and provide you with the support necessary to keep your site’s irrigation system operating like new. With the finest Distributor network in the irrigation industry, the combined support of Rain Bird’s Production & Service Center team, and the Global Service Plan Technical Engineering team, we are prepared to provide you with the best service available.



We offer a wide range of other services to fullfill your golf and commercial needs:

• Board repair and refurbishment for all Rain Bird Circuit boards, including those no longer available.

• Sourcing of obsolete, discontinued, or hard to find circuit boards and components.

• Central Control computer repair and parts

• Site Survey Rental Kits

• Firmware chips and upgrades

• Repair and refurbishment (exchange) of all LINK radios

• 900 MHz equipment, componets, peripherals, and repair

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