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Syngenta SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance

60 Day Control

SecureChoice MultiPak

2 x 1 qt Demand Cs

5 x 1 pt Archer


It can be hard to find value for your business when purchasing multiple

pest control products, especially with operation costs on the rise. With

these challenges in mind, Syngenta Professional Pest Management (PPM) is

introducing the new Demand® CS insecticide + Archer® insect growth regulator Multipak, a cost-effective solution to control a wide array of pests with two proven products.


This Multipak offers the powerful combination of Demand CS, which offers

immediate and residual control of more than 30 insects, and Archer, which

interrupts the reproduction cycle of pests. With two quarts of Demand CS and five pints of Archer, this Multipak provides 80 finished gallons of solution when using Demand CS at the high labeled rate and Archer at the low labeled rate. This allows you to provide your customers with extended control for just pennies on the dollar, all while saving on product costs.





Not only is the Demand CS + Archer Multipak a powerful

tool for suppression of mosquito populations, but it is

also an economical choice for your business. This chart

provides a breakdown of how the Demand CS + Archer

Multipak compares to other mosquito control solutions in

the marketplace.





To provide additional convenience, the Demand CS + Archer

Multipak can be used as part of the following Syngenta

PPM programs:


SecureChoiceTM Mosquito Assurance Program: You can offer your residential customers a significant reduction in mosquito populations for up to 60 days by using the Demand CS + Archer Multipak. This allows you to incorporate a mosquito control program into your existing general pest operations on residential accounts, while reducing the need to visit a customer’s

home multiple times during a 60-day period.

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