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Engineered to help you save time and money, CirrusPRO offers a  state-of-the-art golf irrigation control system with an intuitive user  interface (UI) and precise water management features.  

• Irrigation That Goes Where You Go: As the only mobile-first irrigation control system on the market, you get a high level of performance from anywhere, on any device.


• More Freedom: Add unlimited users, choose from multiple languages and adjust settings for multiple stations all at once.


• Better Data: Irrigate precisely with real-time data that monitors  and notifies about course conditions.


• Complete Control: Water through patented Rotation, Application,  ET and Runtime.

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We know there’s a lot riding on your turf. Your professional success relies on your ability to maintain healthy grass and top playability. 


As the only manufacturer committed exclusively to irrigation, Rain Bird designs fully-integrated end-to-end solutions with these challenges in mind. Total integration of each component gives you a full system that is easier to manage and runs more efficiently than mix-and-match systems, with exclusive benefits that you only get with Rain Bird:


Software Highlights 


 Custom course, hole and station names

• Programming in seconds, minutes and hours

• Runtime control through System Level Water Budget, Program Adjust, Schedule Adjust, Schedule Level Temporary Adjust, Program Level Temporary Adjust, Station Level Temporary Adjust as well as Station Adjust

• Detailed reports including: Station Runtime, Alarms and Warnings, Monthly Report Card, Monthly Flow, Flow Log Graph, Water Management, Yearly Water Consumption  and Rainfall

• Weather data communication

• Automated email and texts for alarms

• Automatic weather-based adjustment from  a wide range of weather source options

• User-selectable languages

• Configurable settings by user

• Make irrigation adjustments directly from the map

• Compatible with Rain Bird Golf Irrigation Systems 6

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