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Why not try Rain Bird Golf Rotors?
Find out why so many Toro users are switching to Rain Bird.
Ever Have Stuck-On Heads?
Rain Bird’s patented self-flushing action is built into every rotor to outperform all other designs. They turn on, rotate and turn off  — CONSISTENTLY.
Need Top Serviceability?

Rain Bird Rotors are top serviceable and have been since 1992. The rock screen and valve seat can be swapped out without having to buy a new case. Nozzle changes and part-circle arc adjustments can be completed in a matter of seconds with a screwdriver from the top of the rotor.

Spending Your Budget Stocking Rotor Replacement Parts?

Rain Bird Rotors are the industry standard for the lowest total cost of ownership over the lifespan of your irrigation system. Standard solenoid for electric rotors offer 25kV protection so they don’t need to be replaced. No need to stock pilot valves because they utilize a diaphragm to provide increased debris resistance and fewer parts—minimizing risk of failure.
Need Products That Will
Never Be Obsolete?

Over the last 30 years, Rain Bird Rotors have been continuously engineered to ensure the best quality. Because Rain Bird Rotors are backward compatible, the latest innovations have been available to every customer since the 1990s without having to purchase additional upgrade kits or adapters. Rain Bird customers are supported for the long-term because Rain Bird makes sure the best is always available without upselling or leaving customers behind.
Rain Bird Rotors are engineered to last and built to work day after day, and year after year without requiring service.

Save 35% on Select Golf Rotors

Now Through November 


“Whether it’s sprinklers or the nozzles, Rain Bird has done a lot of testing and has really come out with some of the best products that we’ve seen on the market.”


Chris Dalhamer

Former Director of Golf Course Maintenance

Pebble Beach Golf Links


702/752 Series Block & Electric Rotors

  • 702 Series Full-Circle Rotor

    • Radius: 59' to 77'

  • 752 Series Full-/Part-Circle Rotor

    • Radius: 19' to 84'

900/950 Series Electric & SAM Rotors

  • 900 Series Full-Circle Rotor

    • Radius: 63' to 97'

  • 950 Series Part-Circle Rotor

    • Radius: 70' to 92'


552 Block Rotors


  • 552 Series Full-/Part-Circle Rotor

    • Radius: 33' to 55'

From now until November 30, 2021, you’ll save 35% when you purchase the 702/752 Series,

900/950 Series or 552/702/752 Series Block Rotors.

At Clesens, we're here to help you achieve a superior playing surface while maximizing your budget and profitability. Our knowledgeable agronomic and irrigation specialists are committed to putting you first, with solutions tailored to your specific needs.

As part of our dedication to meet your needs, we’ll give you a FREE set of rotor tools ($200 value) when you purchase two cases of qualifying Rain Bird Rotors.

Why Not RB Form

Partner with Clesens and Rain Bird. Upgrade Now and Save 35% On Rotors.

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This offer can be used more than once but cannot be combined with additional Rain Bird specials or programs.

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